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The contents of this website reflect my opinion, that is, a point of view and a point of view of many, almost everything can be viewed from different points of view, and thus always looks different, the reader himself has a different point of view by nature, the reader should not copy or propagate anything which he read here, the Internet should be a treasure full of diverse worldviews, not a cheap copy of a few short-sighted opinions The contents of my web pages were created carefully and to the best of my conscience. Nevertheless, I can not guarantee the topicality, completeness and correctness of all pages. I am not obliged to monitor transmitted or stored third-party information. From the time of the knowledge of a concrete infringement, I will immediately remove this content. A liability in this regard can only be assumed from the time the knowledge is acquired.

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By visiting my website, the information about access to the server can be stored, I have a rented webspace, i cant controll what they make with "ip mac etc". I myself on this webpage dont collect any Data. I dont use Javascript or cookies. It does not constitute an evaluation of personal data. If personal data are collected, this is done - if possible - only with the prior consent of the user of the website. A forwarding of data to third parties will not take place without the express consent of the user.
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