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Licht und Liebe

"Licht und Liebe" means "Light and Love"

We founded this independend label in 2019, in order to release tracks from our band CRIMIC
And want to offer more compositions:

crimic, phatline, siglgut, mjsigl, wolfsigl, greatfulltekk, technomiliz, midaso, mms

We have hundreds off unreleased documented tracks since decades,
in 2019 we decided to release them, track by track... till approximately 2030 :)

Michi as an electronic music artist since 2004, doing the multitrack-recording, mixing, sounddesign/mastering, webdesign, videofootage/cut...
Do we have the know how? Do we have the spirit? - DIY! Let's make gold out of it!
visit us also on: youtube soundcloud mixcloud vimeo (all exclusive, so on each site there is other content)

CRIMIC Releases 2019

crimic: Christian Derntl. Michael Sigl

AT-FA0-19-00001 crimic-hamsterrad (cloudy) [MUSIC]
AT-FA0-19-00002 crimic-hamsterrad (cloudy) [VIDEO]
AT-FA0-19-00003 crimic-wider die trägheit [MUSIC]
AT-FA0-19-00004 crimic-nobelherberge [MUSIC]
AT-FA0-19-00005 crimic-nobelherberge [VIDEO]
AT-FA0-19-00006 crimic-nupunk [MUSIC]

OTHER Releases 2019

phatline: Michael Sigl
AT-FA0-19-00101 phatline-the way it took us (2019) [MUSIC]

mjsigl: Michael and Julian Sigl
AT-FA0-19-00201 mjsigl-hamsterrad (original) [MUSIC]